About Us

Our Mission Statement

To ensure comprehensive quality, safe and cost effective home health care services to clients.

  1. The Mission Statement is used as the basis for developing and maintaining the Company’s· Home Health Care services.
  2. OPTIMA HEALTH CARE, INC. is a leader in the provision of quality Home Health Care services which may include skilled nursing services; physical, speech and occupational therapy; home health aide services, and social work services. The company is uncompromising in maintaining the highest standards of excellence for the clients serviced.
  3. OPTIMA HEALTH CARE, INC. is committed to employing the most qualified personn~1 available. Training and developing skills of all employees ensures the highest quality standards and cost effective methods of providing services.
  4. OPTIMA HEALTH CARE, INC. upholds its industry role by a total involvement in the development of the highest standards of professionalism. Employees must always be cognizant of the responsibility to render care for those who cannot care for themselves.
  5. OPTIMA HEALTH CARE, INC. is committed to successfully achieving company, employee and client goals.

Our Philosophy

  1. OPTIMA HEALTH CARE, INC. employees will be oriented and will receive ongoing education regarding the Agency Home Care philosophy.
  2. Services will be delivered in a professional, organized manner, consistent with the Agency Home Care policies and standard procedures.
  3. Each client’s unique physiological .and psychological needs will be considered individually in the development of the plan of care.
  4. Home Health care services will be available to every member of society regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, sex,handicap, marital status or sexual preference.
  5. Services provided by the Agency are limited to the time and frequencies required for care and education of the client/family.
  6. The Agency is committed to employing the most qualified personnel available who are expected to be committed to meet the expectations of the company.